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At, you’ll find one of the largest selections of piling caps anywhere! Whether you are looking for black or white caps, round or square caps, or cone or flat caps, you're sure to find the size and style of piling caps you need for your boat dock or marina!

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Our piling caps are made from UV-stabilized polyethylene which is designed to weather the elements. They provide an economical way to enhance the overall look of your dock while helping to protect your wooden pilings from rot.

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In addition to a wide variety of piling caps, we also offer line holders for your tie pilings. Line holders, often referred to as “rope catches”, mount to the pilings and provide storage for your mooring lines when not in use.

And don’t forget the fasteners! We carry 1-¼" long stainless steel nails and screws for installing your piling caps along with 6" long nails for installing your line holders.


What Size Piling Caps Should I Buy?

To choose the right size piling caps for your project, follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Trim all pilings to their desired height before measuring.
    Pilings are often tapered, so measurements taken before a piling has been trimmed to the proper height can cause you to order the wrong size caps.
  2. Measure the diameter at the top of each piling at its widest point.
    Pilings are seldom perfectly round, so measuring at the widest point ensures a proper fit.
  3. Always round up.
    If the diameter you measure falls between two piling cap sizes, always round up to the larger size.

A Special Consideration for Square Piling Caps

When selecting square piling caps, be aware that the actual sizes of some commonly-used wooden posts are smaller than their name implies:

Post Description Actual Post Dimensions Square Piling Cap Base Size
4 x 4 3.5” x 3.5” 3.5”
4 x 6 3.5” x 5.5” 3.5” x 5.5”
6 x 6 (Finished Cut) 5.5” x 5.5” 5.5”
6 x 6 (Rough Cut) 6.0” x 6.0” 6”


Should I Choose Cone or Flat Piling Caps?

Piling caps are available in either cone or flat styles. While they both accomplish the same task — keeping accumulated water from prematurely rotting the tops of wooden pilings — the selection of one style over another is based on individual taste as much as utility.

One advantage of cone piling caps is that they make it very difficult for birds to perch on top of your pilings, minimizing bird waste and the inevitable clean-up that entails. Cone piling caps also make it easier to toss dock lines over the top of the piling without getting hung up on them.

Used in conjunction with a dock line holder, this provides an effective solution for aligning and securing your boat during dockage.

Flat piling caps are popular for more aesthetic reasons. Because they minimize the amount of extra material on top, blending with the actual shape of the piling, they protect your dock while maximizing your view.


How Do I Install Piling Caps?

Installing piling caps is fairly simple. You will need about four (4) nails or screws per cap, pre-drilling holes in each cap to accommodate the nails.

We recommend using stainless steel ring shank nails or stainless steel decking screws to attach the caps to your pilings.

  1. Measure about ¾" up from the bottom of the cap and drill 4 small holes around the perimeter.
  2. Place the cap on the piling and make sure it’s sitting level.
  3. Run the nails or screws through the holes and into the piling just until the head of the nail or screw touches the cap, then stop. Do not keep going until the fastener won't go any further! If you look underneath, there may be a small void or gap between the cap and the piling — that is fine! Your piling caps will be much more aesthetically-pleasing if they are still perfectly round after installation. Nothing looks worse than a dock full of warped piling caps that are out of round!


How Long Will My Piling Caps Last?

Although the lifespan of the piling caps can't be guaranteed due to varying UV levels throughout the world, our black pile caps have an estimated life of fifteen years, while our white piling caps have an estimated life of nine years!

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